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Through its inevitable development, humanity is affecting the environment. Construction, just like any other human activity, needs to serve our needs without damaging the nature.
Sustainable construction
implies the following:
▪ Use of environment-friendly building materials;
▪ Energy efficiency of buildings;
▪ Waste management during the production and installation of building materials.


Environmental concerns

Our care for the environment begins with the selection of materials we use in production. We use only natural and environmentally safe materials. The prevailing material is wood, as the traditional choice for windows and
doors. Burning of wood releases no harmful gases. Surface protection is done exclusively with environmentfriendly paint.

During the production process, waste is disposed in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations, without harmful effects on the environment.

Rest assured: by buying our products, you will contribute to protecting our environment, the ultimate goal of the modern world.

Energy efficiency

Wood has the highest thermal insulation level of all materials used in the production of windows. In addition, our professional advice will help each customer choose a product best suited to provide energy efficiency to their building.

Energy efficiency has become a major parameter to be taken into account in construction. We strive to keep abreast of the demands of modern construction. Our joinery is fully in line with the latest standards and can be built in low-energy houses and passive houses.

Both the production process and the installation of joinery receive our full dedication and attention. Our workers install our products with a high level of quality and professionalism.

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