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Protects the interior and the exterior of your home and adds a pleasant touch

Natural light is something we can never have too much of: it is irreplaceable. Everyone is familiar with the importance of natural light and its soothing effect on the human eye. To make the premises where we spend time as pleasant as possible, we need sufficient natural lighting, and this can be achieved by making a smart choice of windows for our home. If glassed surfaces are large, there will be more natural light in a room, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting. Having fewer light bulbs on will be beneficial both for your budget and your mood.

Much as natural light is good, UV rays can be harmful. We have all read about this countless times. A good window will ensure controlled inflow of UV rays into a room. Lower inflow of UV rays will extend the life of paints and varnishes on your walls and furniture – another benefit for your home budget.

Finally, exterior appearance should not be disregarded: welldesigned joinery boosts the image of a building.
A proper layout and appearance of windows and doors will give a house the much-needed dynamic nature and enrich the aesthetic experience. Also, beautiful windows will add elegance to the interior and make your stay in it that bit more pleasant. In addition, joinery made of quality and durable material will retain its original appearance for many years.

Comfort and safety of premises

Living in an urban environment is associated with a multitude of noise sources, which are likely to cause stress and thus impact our daily lives and working ability. One of the vital purposes of windows and doors is to provide noise protection.

Apart from noise, it is also wise to keep out potential burglars. Once again, doors and windows are indispensable. Burglary protection is ensured by safety glasses and metal reinforcements.

To protect against injuries as a result of glass breakage, you can install special glass which leaves no sharp edges if broken and does not fall out of the window frame.

Energy savings

The loss of energy which escapes irrecoverably through a shut window and the energy lost during airing accounts for more than 50% of total energy loss in a building. Quality joinery is invaluable for energy savings. The right choice of a product best suited to the conditions to which a building is exposed will depend on the climate zone and the orientation of the building. Apart from glass, the frame also contributes to energy savings; it must be well sealed, with a thermal brake in its profile and with a low heat transfer coefficient.

Environment protection

In this day and age, when environment protection is becoming imperative, the choice of materials for construction is a crucial factor. As with other materials, windows and doors should preferably be environment-friendly. It is also necessary to cut the consumption
of fossil fuels, which are often used for heating, so as to reduce environmental impact.

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