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Domis Čačak - Exclusive carpentery

Domis is a company founded in 1981 on its own estate in the vicinity of Cacak. In the beginning, a small craft shop, Domis has grown to a company that has more than a hundred employees to this day. It employs dozens of experts, trained to provide every customer with advice and complete technical support from the design phase to the installation of each of our products.

We produce exclusive construction joinery and provide our customers with quality service, modern technological solutions, unique ideas and products. With us, the client receives the best relationship between quality and price.

For 38 years, how many businesses exist, we produced more than 500,000 windows and doors. Of course, the measure of success is not only information and figures, but also the satisfaction of our customers in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Norway, Spain, Austria ...

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